Sion's Videos & Multimedia

  • Lebanon Vigil
    A short video on a vigil outside the Houses of Parliament, to protest against the recent Israeli invasion of Lebanon.
  • Beyond Words: Visual Literacy at the SS Robin
    A video report for the Times Educational Supplement on photography workshops for children organised by the SS Robin Trust, a photography gallery and media centre on a 19th Century steamship.
  • Shaken and Stirred
    A video report shot for the Daily Telegraph Travel Section website.
  • Afghanistan: Dawn to Dusk.
    A slideshow of my coverage of the war in Afghanistan in 2001.

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Stupid Photographer

If I were smart enough to be employed by Canon, at any level, I'd be yelling my stupid head off about the fact that the D3 and now the D90 are about to "blow the roof off the sucker," to quote George Clinton and his P-Funk. Canon 50D? Who cares?

Patrick Yen

I'm surprised it didn't come out sooner.

Stupid Photographer

Another Nikon kick smack into Canon's teeth.

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