Sion's Videos & Multimedia

  • Lebanon Vigil
    A short video on a vigil outside the Houses of Parliament, to protest against the recent Israeli invasion of Lebanon.
  • Beyond Words: Visual Literacy at the SS Robin
    A video report for the Times Educational Supplement on photography workshops for children organised by the SS Robin Trust, a photography gallery and media centre on a 19th Century steamship.
  • Shaken and Stirred
    A video report shot for the Daily Telegraph Travel Section website.
  • Afghanistan: Dawn to Dusk.
    A slideshow of my coverage of the war in Afghanistan in 2001.

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I'm with you one on this, but it will be interesting to see how everyone adopts it.

Ideally i'd like to be able to create a multimedia slideshow and export it via Aperture and then be able to send it to a potential client on their iPhone for consideration.

But your right, photographers need to fully engage this medium first, but how?

Tomi T Ahonen

Hi Sion and the readers of the SionPhoto blog

Thanks for the mention of our blogs about the 4th Screen and 7th Mass Media.

You and your readers might be interested in a brand new Thought Piece (a shorter, more concise 2 page version of a White Paper) I wrote about the 7th Mass Media just last week which updates that old blog a lot. I will soon blog about this updated view, but currently am preoccupied by the iPhone ha-ha.

Anyone of your readers who would like a free copy of the Thought Piece, please send me an e-mail at this e-mail address tomi at tomiahonen dot com and I will send the pdf file for you.


Tomi Ahonen :-)

Jon Anderson

This is so important a development that I may have to devote some space to it as well on my blog. I myself am not so anxious to procure one, and I dont think support for the service will be available in my country for a while yet (though you never know), but I am very anxious to use this as a catalyst to get our group working in a more web-savvy manner and start thinking about how we are going to transition away from magazines and onto the Fourth Screen. This is clearly the future.

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